About the trust

Anand Isher Educational and Community Trust is a philanthropic (Charitable) organisation which is committed to serving the wider community but with a strategic focus on Indian migrant community unique needs, issues and benefits.


The Anand Isher Educational and Community Trust was established in 2007 with an objective to educate the migrant community and to make them aware of their responsibilities by organising a diverse range of awareness and educational programmes. AIECT has been working very closely with various Government offices, Council Departments and other community organisations in the area.

  • We are committed to build a Strong Community by promoting quality Education.
  • To provide relevant support to the needs of people within the Community.
  • To enable all people to achieve their potential through the highest standards of teaching and learning.
  • To develop peoples self-esteem, confidence and the concept of Sewa.
  • To empower every member of our community to participate in learning and personal development.
  • Empowering to develop
  • To bring innovative solution to the communities
  • To expand the development through educational, to be creative, forward thinking,
  • Equality and diversity at one place
  • Knowledge is power
  • Each one teach one
  • Bringing learning to life
  • optimism ,friendly, Creative Minds
  • We care for, trust, and respect each other and the world around us through our words and our actions.
  • We innovate through reflection, analysis, creativity, and bold ideas. We design quality instruction, programs, and services to prepare students to meet the changing needs of our communities in a global society